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 Mangi Tungi Tirth

About Mangi Tungi :
Mangi Tungi is a famous holy place for pilgrimage. This is a Siddha Kshetra where Ram, Hanuman, Sugriva, Nal, Neel, Mahaneel, Gava, Gavaksha and so many others, Total 99 Carores of ascetics attained salvation full & final freedom from world and went to Siddha Shila or Moksha, from where no one returns to the world and enjoys the internal spiritual bliss for infinite time. This Holy place is also related to Lord Ram & Sita, Lord Krishna & his elder brother Balram.

This place is very old consists of two hills Mangi & Tungi. Inscriptions on so many idols are not clear. Many idol installed in V.S. 651 are here. Many inscriptions on rock are here in Sansakrit Language in ADINATH & SHANTINATH Caves, but not clear. An inscription of V. S. 1400 is still there in Adinath Cave. Mulher’s Rathor King. Viramdeo’s name is written in many inscriptions, he ruled 400 years ago. King Viramdeo whenever went for war, he used to salute Devi Chakreshvari. He constructed many temples on both the hill Mangi & Tungi. Mulher may be a center of Jains some time in past.

Atishaya (Miracle) : So many groups of pilgrims have heard the musical sounds of various musical instruments in late night from these two hills. Some persons feel the path to hills invisible and see clear path to return, trying many time they are unable to see the path to hills and thus they have return without reaching the hills. It is said that only the pilgrims with pure sacred hearts are capable to reach there.


Main Temple & Idol :

Mangi Giri : There are seven old temples on this hill and so many images of feet of saints are installed here.
A pond is here named Krishna Kund, it’s a witness of the last days of Lord Krishna. His elder brother Balram also practices here for presence and achieved fifth heaven.
Here is a Cave named Balbhadra Cave where idols of Balram and many others are installed.

Tungi Giri : There are five temples on it. There are two caves are named on Bhagwan Chandraprabhu, the 8th Teerthankar and other is Ram Chandra Cave. Ancient idols of Hanuman, Gava, Gavaksha, Neel etc. are here. In one cave there is an idol of Ram’s chief of army Kritantvakra in the stage of ascetic saint.
On the path between Mangi & Tungi Hills to cave down, here are two Caves of Shuddha & Buddha Munies (ascetic saints), a Colossus of Bhagwan Munisuvrat Nath is there in Padmasana (a posture with cross legged seating). Lord Bahubali and other’s idols are also there.
Many idols on both the hills are carved on the rocks. Beautiful attractive images of Yaksha & Yakshini (God & Goddess attending to Teerthankaras) and Indra (The king of heaven) are also carved here.

        Mangi &Tungi          
Mangi Tungi, Mangi Tungi Tirth

Other Temple :

In the valley, a very big temple with high spire is very attractive. One another temple and a column of dignity (Manstambha) are also here.

Natural Scenerio :

This is the place with beautiful natural greenery surrounded by hills in three sites, very pleasant to eyes.
Annual Gatherings Festival (Mela) is organized at Kartik Shukla 15 every year.

Facilities :

900 Rooms and two big halls are here for pilgrims with facilities of Mess, Beds & Utensils.
Other Mess – Mahaveer Restaurant & Provision Store

Means of approach :
Vehicle is available for pilgrims to carry them from Guest House to near the hills.
Busses are available for Mangi Tungi from -
Nasik at 4:30 PM
Malegaon at 8:00 AM & at 6:00 PM
Manmarh at 10:00 AM

Nearby Places :

Fort of Kanchanpur is famous for field of bananas and many tanks of water situated on the nearby hills.
Fort of Mulher is has many big tanks of water, many temples of Lord Shiva & idol of Chakreshvare Devi.
Caves of Dongaria Deo – These are attached to Mangigiri. It is said that there are so many idols made of jewels, but difficult to view them. Tribal festival (Mela) is organized here on Margshirsh 15 every year.