Namo Arihantanam         I bow in reverence to Arihants          Namo Siddhanam          I bow in reverence to Siddhas          Namo Ayariyanam          I bow in reverence to Acharyas          Namo Uvajjhayanam          I bow in reverence to Upadhyayas          Namo Loye Savva Sahunam          I bow in reverence to all Sadhus          Eso Panch Namoyaro          This five-fold salutation          Savva Pavappanasano          Destroys all sins          Mangalanam Cha Savvesim          And amongst all auspicious things          Padhamam Havai Mangalam          Is the most auspicious one         
Mulnayak : Bhagwan neminath How to reach : Girnar is 5 kms from Junagarh. junagarh is connected by rail to Rajkot. The stay arrangements are available at Shri bandilal Digamabar Jain Dhatamshala..

Girnar Historicity : Girnar Hill is a famous sidhh kshetra. there are 5 tonks on the hill. a way goes to sahartraramvan ( the diksha place of bhagwan neminath). The footprints of Bhagwan neminath could be seen here. One has to climb 4400 steps to reach first tonk; 900 steps from 1st to 2nd tonk; 700 steps fron 2nd to 3rd; 2500 steps for 3rd to 5th and 1499 steps from 1st to sahartaramavan. 3rd to 4 th tonk is to be covered on natural way climbing the stones.

First Tonk Girnarji : After climb of about 2 miles, one could see a digamabar jain temple and a cave called rajulmati cave. it is stated that Rajulmati has done penanace and tap at this place. there is samll temple where idol of Bhagwan bahubali (120 cms) in stnading posture is installed. Besdies there are footprints of kundkund acharaya. In the temple, the idol of bhagwan Neminath (Vikram 1924) is on the main vedi. The idols of Parsvanath and neminath are also there. there is stream called gomukhi ganga and nearby the footprints of 24 tirthanakaras are available. This is called first tonk. The way to sahatraman is near gomukhi ganga but one should visit that place only after complettion of visit of 5 tonks. After a few steps, one could see a marvellous temple of bhagwan Neminath and 9 beautiful svetamabar temples built by Shri vastupal-tejpal; Samarat kumarpal; Minister sajjan and others.

Second tonk : after 900 steps one could see the footprints of muni anirudhhkumat and temple of Devi Ambika (This temple is under hindu control)

Third tonk : Here the footprints of Muni Sambukkumar are installed. Muni has attained nirvana from this place.

Fourth tonk : The way to this tonk is not proper and one has to climb rocks and stones to reach here. the footprints of pradhyman kumar-son of lord krishna are installed here. He attained nirvana from this place.

Fifth tonk : The footprints of Bhagwan Neminath are installed here. hindu dispute it to be footprints of dattatray. there is an digamabar idol of Bhagwan neminath on this tonk.

While returning one may go to sahrtraanmravan from first tonk. here one could see the footprints under a canopy in diksha van. in addition to tonk darshan, there is Diagamabar Jain temple in the dharamshalaTrust : Shri Bandilal Digamabar Jain Dharamshala Shri girnar (junagarh), Gujrat