This beautiful tirtha is situated at a distance of almost one km outside the Bhadreshwar town standing on a vast seashore. In the temple is installed a very impressive idol of Shri Bhagavan Mahavir in Padmasana posture; it is white in complexion and 61 cms in height. The town was renowned as Bhadravati in old days; it was an important place of pilgrimage of Jainism. The fabric of story of the raising of this tirtha is as old as 2500 yrs. On a vast ground 2 ½ lakh square feet in size, the lovely temple decorated so nicely as if it were a divine plane, is simply majestic and charming.


Its gate of entrance is small, but so constructed that the DARSHAN of Shri Prabhu is possible even from outside. In the town of Bhadravati, some 2500 years back, a devout Jain Shreshthi nourished in his heart a desire, religiously to install an idol of Bhagavan Prashvanatha, the 23rd tirthankara. 23 yrs after the emancipation of Bhagavan Mahavira, he got a majestic Jain temple constructed and got installed at the auspicious hands of Kapila Kevali, an idol of Bhagavan Prashvanatha and thus gave a concentrate shape to his dream. It is from this time that Bhadravati-Bhadreshvar became a famed tirtha of the Jainas. In 1314 (V.S.) Shrimali brothers and in 1313-14 (V.S.), the hero amongst donors Shri Jagadushah got this temple repaired and renovated. The same was done by Shreshthi Vardhaman Shah and the last repairs and renovation were undertaken in V.S. 1939 by Sheth Monaji Tejasi who brought about blessedness by this in his life. The white marble is serene, symmetrical and yields delight to the mind.