Jain Recipes:

We are fortunate that we follow only religion that combines health consciousness along with rituals. Our community called Jain community is a vegetarian-food-based community, but due to the influence of time and western cultures, it has started being empowered by laxity. The important principal behind this strict abstinence is ahimsa and that no harm should come to other living things. The Jain cuisine is made without onions and garlic, and root-vegetables are also avoided. The Jain community is pure vegetarian. Some are very strict in what they eat, mainly those from Rajasthan. More precisely Jains do not consume food grown under the soil. As per Jainism meat of any animals, insects, birds or fish is never taken as food. Tomato gravy forms the base for most of their curries.


We as Jain should avoid certain food on certain days, please find below a list of those days and food.


1. Avoid taking together dwi-dal (dicotyledonous cereals like Mung, Tuar, Adad,) with raw milk, curd, lassi, shrikhand or other milk items.

2. From aadra nakshatra (generally 22nd of June coming in Gujrati Jeth month) do not take mango.

3. From FAGUN SUD CHAUDAS to next 8 months green leafy vegetables like spinach, coriander leaves, cauliflower etc.

4. From FAGUN SUD CHAUDAS to KARTAK SUD POONAM dry fruits like dates, cashew nuts, walnut, pistachio may not be taken.

5. ASHARD SUD CHUDAS to KARTAK SUD CHUADAS fresh coconut is to be used on the same day only.

6. ASHARD SUD CHAUDAS to KARTAK SUD CHAUDAS use fried almonds in ghee for fifteen days only along with other sweets.

7. Avoid taking green vegetables on SUD PAACHAM, SUD & VAD AATHAM, SUD & VAD CHAUDAS.