The great Shatrunjaya tirtha has five tirthas of which one is the age-old Kadambagiri tirtha. It is one of the tirthas in the 18 miles circumambulation of the Shatrunjaya mountain. It is said that the Ganadhara of the second Tirthankara, Shri Kadamba attained to emancipation – NIRVANA- along with so many munis. The mountain is known as Kadambagiri. It is known as Siddhakshetra because so many munis attained NIRVANA here.


The mula-nayaka of this Tirtha is Bhagavan Adishvara of white complexion. His idol is lofty and will certainly inspire spiritual feelings. This image, almost two meters in height, is seated in Padamasana posture. His facial expression is extremely calm and tranquil and highly inspiring. Acharya Shri Vijayanemi Surishvaraji, a master of the Scriptures has got this tirtha renovated. On this mountain, there are five lofty temples, five Meru mountains as also five ASHTAPADAS; these are very much impressive. The ancient CHARANA PADUKA of Rishabhadeva Prabhu is gloriously installed on a peak higher than even the new Jina temples ; so is there the CHARANAPADUKA of Kadamba Ganadhara. This tirtha is situated at a distance of some 19 kms from Palitana in the vicinity of the village Bodanonera, in a secluded spot in the jungle. In the village in the valley there is a vast temple of Shri Viraprabhu. It is administered by the Sheth Shri Jinadas Dharamdas Religious Trust. It has the facility of lodging and boarding as also DOLI (Swinging cot). As this tirtha is looked upon only as one peak of the Shatrunjaya complex, its ancient age and importance are far great.