This tirtha, situated on the Chittod-Udaipur Road, at a distance of 56 kms from Chittod is in the heart of the Bhopalsagar town. Here is installed an idol of MULANAYAKA Shri Parshvanath Bhagavan. It is black in complexion, about 90 cms in height and in Padmasana posture. The temple is gorgeous indeed. This temple with 52 Jinalayas is of white stone and betrays ancient construction. It has the central inner apartment, deep pandal, Chowkis, a vast assembly-pandal and peaks.


Recently at the time of repairs and renovation, a writing of V.S. 55 was found on an ancient pillar. There is also a reference which states that the idol of Shri Parshvanath Bhagavan was ceremoniously installed by Bhattaraka Acharya Shri Yashobhadrasurishvaraji in V.S. 1029. In the Bhamati there are some idols with Inscriptions of V.S. 1303, 1341, and 1496. One other reference states that the Chief Minister of Mandavagadh, Shri Pethadashah got constructed here a temple of Shri Parshvanath Bhagavan and that his son Jhanjihanshah got constructed a temple with seven storeys. However no trace of it is to be found to-day. The present temple was renovated once more and once more the idol of Shri Prabhu was installed on the sacred 13th day of the bright half of Maha in V.S. 2033 at the sacred hands of Shri Sushilasurishvaraji. As the Jaina history tells us, the Sanghas going on a pilgrimage of Shatrunjaya come here for the darshan of Shri Parshvaprabhu, who destroys all calamities. The present idol is extremely miraculous. Every year a vast fair is held here on the occasion of the sacred event of the brith of Parshvaprabhu. Then it is that men and women in thousands participate in prayer and devotion towards Shri Prabhu.