There are three temples in the VANIYAVAD area in the Bhuj city in Kutch. One temple is decorated by the idol of MULAYAYAKA Shri Adishvar Bhagavan. In this temple belonging to the TAPA GACCHA, we have 14 idols structured in stone and 12 carved in metal. Again, portraits of Shri Vijayananda Suri (Shri Atamaramaji) and Shri Khantivijayaji Dada. The other temple belongs to the ANCHALA GACCHA. In this temple are found 23 idols in stone and 32 in metal.


We have here again portraits of Shri Kalyanasagarasuri and Shri Gautamasagarasuri. The third belongs to the KHARATARA GACCHA and has Shri Shantinath Bhagavan installed in it. Here, we find 8 idols in stone and 13 in metal. Further, portraits of Shri Jinaratnagsagarsuri and Shri Jinaananadasagarasuri are found in it. All these temples are constructed in the nineteenth century and all idols are exquisitely fine to look at. On the outskirts of the town there is DADAVADI of KHARATARAGACCHA. It has in it a Jain temple, sacred foot-steps and Shri Ghantakarna installed. Here we have a large idol of ANCHALA GACCHA and a small Jina temple in it. In Bhuj we also have an inn, a canteen and a PANJARAPOLE.