The name of Sheth Narasimha Natha is well-known due to the vast inn got constructed by him in Palitana. In the vicinity of this main temple again, there is Shri Ashtapadaji's unique temple constructed by Harabham Narsimha Natha in V.S. 1918. The inner apartments of all the three temples are separate, but the temple should be considered to be just one. In the frontal square of the temple, marble statues of Shet Nalia tirtha is situated at a distance of some 97 kms from Kutch-Bhuj.


This is indeed a uniquely peculiar art. In the same way the glasswork over here is really beautiful. In V.S. 1897, the majestic temple constructed by Naramsimha Natha was religiously inaugurated. h Narasimha Natha and his wife are installed. Here, there some 176 other Jina idols installed. There are again a total of 138 Shri SIDDHACHAJRAS-132 made of silver, 4 of metal and two of sandal-wood.