This tirtha is situated at a distance of just 16 kms from Vejalpur near Godhra. Here, in the heart of the town there stands the temple with an ancient idol of MULANAYAKA Shri Neminath Bhagavan. The history of this divine image is as old as history and full of miracles. The Prabhu here is known as "Sacha Deva Shri Neminath", the art of the idol is extremely pleasing. It is said that in the times of Sultan Mahummad Begada, in V.S. 1540 the idol was in Dhaneshvar village.


It was kept well protected in the river through the fear of attacks by muslims. After a lapse of some years the family members of Shri Nathabhai of Chhani village got an indication about the idol in a dream. On excavation, the idol of Shri Neminath Bhagavan revealed itself. Residents of Vejalpur and other villages insisted on taking the idol of their own villages. Ultimately it was resolved and accepted that the sacred idol should be installed in a cart and a temple be constructed where the cart stopped. It is said that the cart stopped at this spot in Paroli village. The Shri Sangha of the place therefore constructed this majestic temple and ceremoniously installed the idol therein. So many non-Jain devotees also come here for DARSHAN. Devotees here experience that Sacha Deva Bhagavan Neminath has showered limitless favour on them.