The city of Patan, right from old days, is rich in knowledge and wealth, a glorious history and a sublime spirit of Dharma. It was the capital of King Kumarpal and the land of activities of Acharya Hemachandra. In V.S. 802, after from the name of Shepherd Anahil, this city was installed on Monday, on Akshayatrutiya day, with the ceremony and chanting of Mantras according to the Jaina dharma by Acharya Shri Shilagunasuriji, head of the Nagendra Gaccha. The hero that he was, Vanaraj Chavada became the first ruler of Anahilpur Patan.


He brought this idol of Shri Parshvanath Bhagavan from Panchasara, the Kingdom of his ancestors and got it installed here ceremoniously at the auspicious hands of Shri Shilagunasuriji in this newly-constructed shrine. The tirtha therefore became renowned after the name of Panchasara Parshvanath. This tirtha and its temple as also the other temples were demolished because of muslim invasions. But Patan was settled again in V.S. 1730 and temples in hundreds were constructed. As the "Patana Chaitanya Paripati" composed by Shri Lalitaprabhusuri in V.S. 1648 tells us, there were in the city some 101 big Jina temples and 99 smaller shrines. Idols installed were in thousands. The "Chaitya Paripati" composed by Shri Harshavijayaji in V.S. 1929, notes that Patan had then 95 bigger temples and 500 smaller shrines. It is said that Patan is renovated, but the idol is the same ancient one. The idol is that of MULANAYAKA Shri Panchasara Parshvanath Bhagavan, it is about 1.2 metres in height, of white complexion and in Padmasana posture. Added to this there are 84 big temples and 134 shrines in 55 streets. We have also institutions like Shri Hemachandracharya Jnanamandir here.