This tirtha at a distance of some 400 metres from Prabhaspatan town and its renowned Somnath temple is said to have been raised by Shri Bharata Chakravarti, the son of Shri Adinath Prabhu. Right from the time of the first tirthankara to the last , so many Chakravartis, kings, ministers and Shreshthis have come for pilgrimage to this tirtha. This tirtha has an idol of Shri Chandraprabhu Bhagavan, white in complexion, some 115 cms in height and in Padmasana posture.


Other exquisitely fine idols are also found here and the idol of Shri Parshvanath Prabhu is extremely pleasing to the eyes and the heart. The art and architecture of the idols of metal and the finely shaped waist-bands is simply indescribable, even lovers of art will feel spell-bound. There are twon idols of quartz in the temple of Chandraprabhu Bhagavan constructed. Later on Sagara Chakravati, Chandrayasha, Chakradhara, King Dasharatha, Pandavas and Hastisena kings are said to have visited this spot. Even the 'Prabandhachintamani' composed by Shri Merutungasuriji refers to this tirtha. There are also references to Siddharaj Jaisingh, the ministers Vastupal and Tejpal, Pethadshah, Samarashah and other Shreshthis had come for pilgrimage to this place. In the 14th century, Shri Dharmaghoshasurji composed a eulogy with secret mantras and awakened to consciousness the old Kapardiyaksha of the Shatrunjaya mountain. Most revered Acharya Shri Vijayodayasurishvaraji Maharaj Saheb as also most revered Acharya Shri Vijayanandanasurishivaji gave guidance and inspiration for the last renovation of this tirtha and the ceremonious renovation took place at the sacred hands of Pattavibhushana Acharya Shri Chandrasagarasuriji, the pupil of renovator of the Agamas Acharya Shri Anandasagarasurishvaraji. Seven other temples are there in the vicinity of this temple.