This tirtha is situated in Sarkhej that is at a distance of some eight kms from Ahmedabad. This tirtha is sanctified by the touch of the feet of so many learned divine Acharyas like Shri Haravijayasurishvaraji Maharaj who delivered sermons to emperor Akbar. Here Shri Premabhai Hemabhai constructed a new Jina temple and ceremoniously installed MULANAYAKA Bhagavan Vasupujya in V.S. 1911. An inscription of V.S. 1903 is found on the idol. We have here 5 idols of stone and eight of metal.


The place is really charming. The renovation of this temple was done at the auspicious hands of Acharya Shri Vijayachandrodayasurishvaraji in the line of Shri Vijayanemisurishvaraji-Vijnanakasturasuri. Here, gorgeous images of Shri Padmavatidevi and Chakkreshvaridevi are installed and thousands of pilgrims fulfil their cherised desires by their DARSHAN. Here we have a residential accommodation, Pathashala Upashraya etc. Sarkhej and its Jina temple are referred to in the ancient Chaitya tradition and also Hirasurirasa. It is therefore very much likely that the town and the Jina temple must have been existent in the 12th or 13th century. Revered Acharya, groups of munis who grace Ahmedabad by their visits also pay a visit to Sarkhej when they proceed further. Again, many Sanghas and groups of Ahmedabad pay a visit to Sarkhej and reap, the benefit of devotion to Shri Jina.