This tirtha is situated near the village Pansar on the Ahmedabad-Mehsana high-way. There sits the lord of the tirtha, Shri Mahavir Bhagavan; the idol is white in complexion, 91 cms in height and in Padmasana posture. It is attractive and miraculous. This ancient idol of Bhagavan Mahavira revealed itself in the house of Raval Shri Jala Teja on Sunday, the 9th of the bright half of Vaishakh in V.S. 1974. Thereafter in V.S. 1991, five other ancient idols were unearthed. This proves decisively that there must have been several Jain temples on the spot.


Many other miracles followed the miraculous revelation of the idol of MULANAYAKA Mahavira Bhagavan; so many pilgrims started coming and the importance of the tirtha was on the ascent. There was actually a flow of pilgrim because of the vicinity of Ahmedabad. To-day this temple has three peaks and seven inner apartments. In all the seven, white marble-idols of Shri MULANAYAKA are installed. The rest of the idols of metal are of Panchatirthi etc. At a distance of two furlongs from here, in the Pansar village, there is a temple with a dme and MULANAYAKA Shri Dharmanath Bhagavan is installed in it. Looking around on all sides, it seems that there must have been a time when this place was very prosperous.