In the days of old the Taladhvajatirtha was looked upon only as a peak of the Shatrunjaya Tirtha. Today it is one of the sacred five Tirthas of the Shatrunjaya tirtha. The Talaja village is situated on the confluence of the rivers Shatrunji and Talaji and the sacred mountain is considered to have a hoary past ; so many of its 36 small and big caves stand as witnesses of this.


Shri Adishvara Bhagavan paid a visit to this place while on a pilgrimage. It is said that he got a temple constructed here. In the year 640, the renowned Chinese pilgrim Hu-en-tsang has referred to this Tirtha. We also get a reference which states that the present temple at the spot was got constructed by King Kumarapala in the twelfth century (V.S.).