The Taranga tirtha is situated in the midst of the Aravalli hills in the midst of beautiful sceneries of nature, exquisite prosperity of art and architecture. The main temple in the tirtha is 150 ft. in the length, 100 feet wide and 142 ft in height. The structure of the temple is like that of Mahameru-palace. The temple has in it and idol of Shri Ajitnath Bhagavan; it is 2075 metres in height, of white complexion and in Padamasana posture.


The temple is therefore known as Ajitaprasad or Ajitnath Vihara. On no hill in the country do we have a temple as high as the Taranga tirtha. We would naturally consider and wonder as to how much labour and effort must have been put Iin the construction of this temple at such a spot, with all its majesty and supreme art. One of the Mahatirthas in the chief five Mahatirthas of the Jainas is the tirth at Taranga. In the first century of the Vikrama era, the Jain king Vatsaraja constructed here a temple of Siddhayika devi. Thereafter, in V.S. 1221, King Kumarpala constructed this vast temple which is very rich in sculptural art. We also have a reference which states that in V.S. 1284, on the second day of the dark half of Falguna Vastupala-Tejpala installed the idols of Shri Adinath Prabhu in two porticos at the auspicious hands of Shri Vijayasenasuriji. We also get records to show that there were ceremonious installations in V.S. 1479. V.S. 1642 at the auspicious hands of Acharya Shri Vijayasensuriji. In the vast quarter of the temple we have the temple of Kunthunatha Bhagavan as also the Sahasrakuta temple, the Nandishvara dvipa etc. and Kotishila, Moksha window etc. outside.