The Varkana is situated at a distance of 20 kms from Falna station and 3 kms from Rani station. The tirtha is in the heart of the town. This is considered to be one of the Tirthas in the Godavala Pancha-tirthas. The sculptural beauty of its peak is unrivalled. The temple over here has an idol of MULANAYAKA Shri Parshvanatha Bhagavan ; white in complexion, some 30 cms in height and in Padmasana posture.


The town was very much prosperous in the ancient days and was known as Varakanakapur or Varakanakanagar. There were so many Jain temples over here. The tirtha was renovated, in the times of Maharana Kumbha, by the Shreshthis of Shrimalapur. It is believed that the idol of MULANAYAKA Shri Parshvanatha Bhagavan was installed here around V.S. 515. The idol is very attractive and conduces to the annihilation of sins. On one of the pillars of the nine Chokis over here we have a carved writing of V.S. 1211. A stone Inscription of V.S. 1686 is found outside the gate. It refers to the abolition of pilgrim tax by Rana Shri Jagatsinh of Mewad through the good offices of revered Acharya Shri Vijayadevasuri Maharaj. The tirtha is also referred to in he "Sakalatirtha-Stotra". Every year a fair is held here on the tenth day of the dark half of Magashirsha. No other Jaina temple is found in the town.